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Lana: It’s just a birthday.

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BTS Michael Rosenbaum - Kristin kreuk set #smallville

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Top Ten Smallville Kisses | #5 Lex and Lana in Static

This is one of my all time favorite episodes. And one of my main reasons for blaming the writers and not the characters for the Baby storyline. Yes Lana has her doubts about Lex, but she realizes her actual trust issues are with herself more then anyone else. And she really, truly, loves him. And he loves her. AND HE WAS SURPRISED ABOUT THE BABY. Yeah ok, writers I call bullshit on you. But this moment right here is so tender and innocent. The rest of the world doesn’t exist, it is just the two of them. They are in love and happy and for a split second, nothing else in the world matters.

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I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you, Lex. (for Jess)

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Lex & Lana (5.14)

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